The links below can be shared wiith all Virginia IWLA memberships in regards the By-laws of our organization.

  1. National IWLA Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws
  2. Virginia Division By-Laws

2014 - 2019 Strategic Plan

The files below are to be shared wiith all IWLA memberships in regards to the 2014-2019 IWLA Strategic Plan.

  1. Strategic Plan (Powerpoint)
  2. Strategic Plan (PDF)
  3. Strategic Plan - Unformatted(PDF)
  4. Strategic Plan - Slides Only(PDF)
  5. Strategic Plan - with notes(PDF)
  6. Resources Available to Chapters (PDF)

Annual Checklist for Chapters

Every year, chapters must file with the Izaak Walton League of America. The required documents are liasted below:

  1. Officer Report Form
  2. Send in By-laws copies only if changes made? If no changes for the year a note saying NO Change to bylaws
  3. State Corporation Commission (if changes in deed or status of organization)
  4. Copy of 990 (Taxes)
  5. Chapter Donation/Volunteer Form
  6. Copy of Liability Insurance listing the Division and National IWLA as Additional Insured. MUST be mailed to National whenever you re-new Or start an Liability Insurance Policy.

      If a Chapter has NO property they probably don’t have Liability Insurance? If not you must state this to National Yearly – NO Insurance – NO property.

      Some insurance companies do not charge for listing additional insured. Some might and as always it’s the Chapters choice as to what insurance they Choose but you must have National and Division listed as additional insured.

    Bonding of the Chapters Officers comes under a B&O policy (Board&Officers) and it is totally different than Liability Insurance. You must purchase this policy separate. Some call it an Officers and Directors Insurance O&D both terms are the same.

Chapter 501c3 Status

The National IWLA has but one Tax Determination Letter and that is for a 501c3. Back once upon a time all chapters who joined the league were placed under this Umbrella letter. This determination is National IWLA ONLY and the Virginia Division has nothing to do with how they administer it. If your Chapter is under this Umbrella Coverage you must take the 5 steps to keeping your tax exemption yearly. Or they will pull the letter and remove your chapter. Those steps are listed in this web site.


Post 911- the IRS is putting the heat on all Non-Profits.


In 2012, the IRS has several tax determinations that might better suite your chapters needs. A 501c7 or c9? Take a look at what is being offered and see if these other determinations might better suit your Chapters needs? IF they DO? YOU must hire a local attorney and file for your Chapters OWN determination Letter. YOUR CHAPTERS Tax STATUS WILL CHANGE but YOU WILL STILL BE A CHAPTER IN THE IWLA. Only change you will have to answer directly to the IRS on YOUR determination letter, yearly. You will still have to answer the paperwork to National as directed by the National By-Laws.


Chapter Charter vs. Tax Determination are totally separate but both require yearly filings. You can be a chapter without any determination if you wish? But to file a non-profit 990 you MUST have an IRS determination letter.


The Virginia Division has its own 501c3 determination letter that we answer directly to the IRS to keep it, yearly. Yes, we too have to answer yearly to the filings listed in the National By-Laws.


YOUR Chapter has to remain Vigilant as to keeping whatever status you have! YOU must file yearly! And don’t forget to make sure your Registered Agent is current and up to date. Keep good files and all your receipts. File your 990 annually. Your chapter has a charter given to it by National IWLA YOU must answer and file yearly all the paperwork National requests from your Chapter.


I am not a tax advisor just some friendly advise. Any questions about what your chapter should do? Ask your tax attorney or CPA. Don’t be another Virginia Chapter who has lost their determination because of paperwork.


Mike Phillips, President
Virginia Division

Upcoming Events

Virginia Division Meeting
April 14, 2018

Sponsored by: Arlington Fairfax Chapter
    14708 Mount Olive Road
    Centreville, VA 20122

Virginia Division Election Meeting
June 23, 2018

Sponsored by: Claytor Lake Chapter
    6215 Izaak Walton League Rd
    Hiwassee, VA 24347

IWLA National Convention
July 17-20, 2018

Sponsored by: Virginia Division Location:
    Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel & Conference Center
    2801 Plank Rd
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Virginia Division Meeting
October 20, 2018

Sponsored by: Roanoke Valley Chapter
    8725 Willow Branch Rd.
    Boones Mill, VA 24065