**Action Needed **


Problem: Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr., has introduced an amendment “Item C-25.55 #1s: Would provide $520,000 to acquire the Dahlgren Heritage Railroad Trail,” into the Virginia Senate Budget bill, SB 800. The impact of the bill is that the Dahlgren Heritage Railroad Trail that runs through our property would be sold to the state. This could mean that use of the lower range complex could be lost.


As a club member:

1. Contact each member of the Senate Finance Committee immediately (see attached list for membership, and contact information) by phone and/or email. Courteously tell them you are OPPOSED to ‘ Senate Bill 800 Amendment C-25.55 #1s’ for the DHRT purchase without proper study of the adverse impact to our property. (Contact Info attached.) They are in the Richmond offices now. The most important members are Senators Colgan and Stosch, (co-chairs) followed by Senator Hanger who introduced the measure. Contact as many members of the 15 person Finance Committee as you can.

****************** SUGGESTED WORDING ***********************

I am opposed to the purchase of the Dahlgren Heritage Railroad Trail (DHRT) as proposed in amendment C-25.55 #1s in Senate Bill 800. This provision would have severe adverse impacts on the Northern Virginia Gun Club’s ability to continue to utilize the Northern Virginia Shooting Facility’s range complex as we have for over 43 years. This purchase should not proceed without a proper study on the impact it would have on adjacent properties. This will severely impact the Northern Virginia Shooting Facility and members of the Northern Virginia Gun Club as we will lose use of our rifle range complex. The DHRT crosses our property behind the rifle range target area in the danger zone.

The Northern VA Shooting Facility has owned the land that DHRT crosses since 1969. We developed the rifle and pistol ranges in 1971. The ranges have been in continuous use since 1971 (43+ years). The DHRT has only existed since about 2002. During the year, Boy Scouts, Wounded Warriors, national-class shooting competitors and former Olympics competitors shoot at our ranges. Loss of the ranges constitutes a reduction in available recreational faculties for our member and the many groups that currently use our property.

Purchase by the state without an adjacent landowner impact study will cause us to lose the unrestricted use of our land and place an undue financial hardship on the NVSF without the benefit of due process. This proposed purchase is a BAD idea. “


2. Contact the King George Representatives, Senator Stuart and Delegate Ransone IMMEDIATELY by phone and email and tell them you are OPPOSED to ‘Amendment C-25.55 #1s’ for the DHRT purchase without proper study of the adverse impact to our property. (Contact Info attached.) They are in the Richmond offices now. USE SAME WORDING AS ABOVE.

3. Additionally, you should contact YOUR representatives (where you reside) and register your position of being against the purchase. This is necessary in case the item is not eliminated in the committee deliberations.

*** To find your legislators: go to http://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/ and enter your address in the box. The email and phone numbers for your representatives will appear on the page.

4. Be courteous in your message to the Senators and Delegates.

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